Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Watery Wednesday #34

Tennessee Aquarium
in Chattanooga is the most amazing place. Not only the exhibits inside the buildings, but the amazing fountains that are just gorgeous (this one less gorgeous), and SO perfect to play and wade in. Last year we took my niece Allison there, and I had a grand time playing Auntie (she lives in Ohio so I don't get to play often enough!). I'm not sure mom was keen on me getting her wet, but I know she had fun :)

Don't you miss the time of life when a little line of water bubbling up from a grate (or a lawn sprinkler!) could hold so much wonder?


Martha Z said...

How neat, my grandson would love that!

nature ramblings said...

What do you mean!!! Little water fountains bubbling up still hold my attention and give me awe!!!!! I am a child at heart! That looks like a fun place to go and I always visit aquariums where ever I go if there is one to be found. Your niece is so cute and they are so much fun at that age!!! Thanks for sharing your fun outing.

Caprice- said...

That looks like a fun place to go. I remember a wading pool in my home-toen of Atascadero, Ca. It had a fountain that bubbled up in the middle and the "deep" end was up to my very short waist. My Grandpa Harry took my brother and I there often in the summertime-riding in the back (Augh!) of his pickup bed. Thanks for sharing and the wonderful trip down memory lane!

Unknown said...

That's a wonderful shot. I love how the water is bubbling up around her fingers :D