Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Solstice.

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I'm not sure what we are. My son says he's agnostic. Russ calls himself Discordian. Me... is there a word for it? I feel closest to the divine when I am deepest in nature. There is a tree in my house and I do love the music of the season. And I think I love the questions more than having the answers.

Tonight, the night of the winter solstice, Brandon and I watched the sun die in the trees as we headed to feed the horses. Then we came home and lit candles. Russ came home from work. We ate dinner together, lit a tray of tea lights (three lights each), opened one gift each, and settled down to a mug of hot buttered cider with rum.

Whatever I choose to believe, what I believe in most is tolerance. So whatever speaks to you this winter holiday season, embrace it. If carols make your heart sing, sing. If family cheers you, savor your time with them. If the bite in the air and the quiet and the stark branches of denuded trees against a steel grey sky remind you how small you are and at the same time how good life is... live the moment and the season fully and be thankful. As for us, tonight was a treasure, and so will Christmas be with Russ's family.

Have a happy one!