Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring is in the Air

Spring is only a few days away. Back in Ohio we'd laugh when the calendar said it was spring, we figured we had another several weeks before it really seemed like it.

Not so here in Tennessee. Spring springs right about when it's supposed to. The spring peepers (frogs) are singing in the woods, the flash of bluebirds is scattered in the sky, the forsythia and pear trees and plum trees are illuminated by the springtime sunshine, smiling daffodils litter the fields, and the sky is gorgeously, brilliantly blue.

I took this picture of the plum tree in our back yard today. It's about 70 degrees. I guess a trip into my back yard is not that much of an adventure but it sure carries promise of lots of them in the days to come (besides, I'm really, really happy with the photograph... most of the others I took were disappointing because of focus not being where I wanted it). I have spring fever pretty badly, can you tell?

I'll be back with more pictures of pretty flowers, since the dogwoods aren't blooming yet.