Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maybe Homeowners

I really need to get a better picture of the house, but here's Russ in one of his Renaissance costumes standing on the porch. Behind him you can see one of my pretty plum trees, which has decided to become one with a cherry tree.

We're currently living in this little brick/sided ranch, two very large bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms, which we're renting from Russ's mom. Well, I think we're going to buy it from her. We've done a bunch of work on the deck, which will now be quite nice to sit/grill/eat on, and we've cleared the back half acre, which might house some critters for me some day. I've got plans for a nice garden, too. Best of all, it'll help us a bunch with our debt since we're consolidating.

And Russ will be working full time by the end of the summer, yay! He's been a substitute rural carrier for USPS for the past seven years and is finally about to get his own route. I think better times are on the horizon financially :)