Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dragon Days Renaissance Festival

Russ borrowed the nice camera from my father-in-law and took almost no pictures with it! So I have no chess match pictures, one not very good pic of my booth... blah. I think I made him take this one, and most of the others he took! Not a single one of any of the three of us.

These are friends of ours who are also involved in Renaissance club. Kris suggested the entire family enter the pageant for king, queen, prince and princess of the festival. Her hubby, son and daughter won king, prince and princess, and she didn't get to be queen! I think they're never going to hear the end of it :) (Love the hmphh! look on her face in this pic). She made these costumes, by the way.

We're doing Robin Hood for the Human Chess Match this year. For those who aren't geeks like we are, a HCM is like a regular chess match with human players, but like Battle Chess too. When a piece would take another, the players have a "battle" for the space (staged, obviously). In our case, the players range from age 10 to... not telling. I'm calling the moves for the Nottingham side and Brandon's the Sheriff. Robin shoots him with an arrow at the end. Someone (obviously not MY husband) got a GREAT picture of his look of disbelief at the arrow sticking out of him, which I will definitely attempt to get my hands on, and share later. For the record, we're using wooden weapons, not live steel with little kids, and we tested the arrow thing thoruoughly so he wouldn't get injured. The kids are amazing, they really get into the choreography. I will definitely do better this coming Friday when we have our middle school faire, and make sure someone takes some great pics.

In Russ's defense, he was hanging out at the booth in which I sell chainmaille and wire jewelry, and selling things for me. Considering the poor attendance this week, I did well. I suggested that Bran make chainmaille hackey sacks. Even though he only had time to make two, he got custom orders all day and made as much money as I did!