Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I love Wii game commercials. They always show people playing the game, looking stupid. "You can look this stupid too! But it's fun!"

And it is. I'm hoping it'll make getting in shape fun, too, because I sorely need it. I'm tired of not having the energy to get through a day. So I ordered a Wii Fit, which should be here today. I also got motivated out of nowhere to eat better. I'm headed toward a mostly vegetarian diet, although I'm not sure I can pull off a completely vegetarian one with two "carnivores" in the house. Looking at my life, I never felt better than when I was a vegetarian.

When it warms up a bit I want to hike, and Russ gets off work early afternoon now, so weather permitting maybe it'll happen. So this post is not about a little trip, but a long-term odyssey, which I hope means more posts. When I can't get out, though, I have exercise I can do in the house. You know, when I think about it, a video game exercise program is brilliant. Exercise tapes and DVDs are insanely popular, but if you incorporate it into a game system, you can give feedback, track progress... I've heard My Fitness Coach is pretty good, too, so I'll probably pick that up at some point.

Where does motivation come from? I've hung out for three years without it, at the same weight., give or take 5 lbs. I couldn't live without chocolate and pastries. I wanted to hike sometimes, but it's usually quite a drive to do it and walking in the neighborhood doesn't inspire me all that much. I woke up Monday, and I wanted to do it. It was like a switch was thrown.

Bran made the tennis team, so he's getting his exercise every day, too, and with the healthier meals I'm making we should both slim down a bit (a bit more, for him, he's looking pretty good). They have a new coach this year who actually knows how to play tennis, too, and they have a new policy to rotate players so everyone gets some play time.


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