Friday, July 3, 2009

First Tomato

Disclaimer: this is not my tomato. I'm not sure I'm prepared to photograph mine. :)

I wish to become an organic gardener. This year, I planted three tomato plants in containers, which were too small, had problems with the bottom parts of the plants turning yellow and looking awful, and they're all pretty stunted. I broke down and sprayed them with Sevin because I don't know what I'm doing.

My herbs, by the way, look great. Although the basil had some creepy critters in it and I had to spray it too. The lemon verbena choked for a while because my pot wasn't draining properly, but it's coming back nicely. The mint looks fantastic.

My first tomato of the season is black on the bottom and pretty small, but it's a tomato! I've got quite a few that look like they might be better.

The plan is to educate myself on organic gardening, and next year I will have the space (and own the house) to make some raised beds and plant all the pretty/useful/delicious stuff I want. Organically. Responsibly. I want to make pickles. And salsa. And can stuff. Like a real country girl.

It's a disappointing start, but it's a start.